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Modern Flyscreens & Birdnetting Ltd.

Modern Flyscreens & Birdnetting Ltd. is one of Ireland's market leaders in manufacturing,
supplying and installing flyscreens and bird netting.


Nationwide flyscreen and bird netting installation at an affordable price. Contact us today for a quotation.

About Us

Modern Flyscreen Ltd. is one of Ireland's market leaders in manufacturing, supplying and installing flyscreens and bird netting. With over 20 years' experience, our reputation has been built on producing flyscreens to the highest technical standards and outstanding commitment to our customers' requirements.

What we do

We offer a nationwide service in the installation of flyscreen doors, windows and curtains and bird netting. We carry a large range of materials for industrial and domestic screening. Our technical fitters are members of the Master Craftmen's Association, are Safe Pass and Height for Hire Training certified and are proficient in adhering to the highest standards. We are a fully insured company and work to H.A.C.C.P. compliance.

Health and Safety

Health and safety legislation is a high priority in all business concerns, especially in the food industry. The spread of disease by flies can be detrimental to a person's health in the form of common illnesses and food poisoning. The installation of flyscreens is an efficient and effective way to eliminate insects depositing bacteria on unsealed food, without the harmful use of insecticides. The mesh forms an impenetrable barrier to flying insects, whilst allowing the free passage of fresh air.

Bird Netting & Spikes

Modern Flyscreens & Birdnetting Ltd. offer a range of bird netting and spikes along with a robust installation service. Bird netting and spikes are a proven method of reducing the presence of pest birds around buildings.

Bird Netting & Spikes

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a humane, permanent and cost-effective method of preventing pest bird species from nesting in or around a building. Bird spikes can be installed on just about any surface.

Bird Spikes

Pigeon Netting

Perfect for everywhere from large cattle sheds to archways, Modern Flyscreens & Birdnetting Ltd.’s pigeon nets help prevent pigeons from perching in around the installation area.

Pigeon Netting


We specialise in both the supply and installation of quality flyscreens. We can install our long-lasting flyscreen’s in properties all over Ireland.


Flyscreen Doors

Need a flyscreen attached to your door? Modern Flyscreens & Birdnetting Ltd. specialise in installing flyscreen’s on doors all over Ireland. Not sure what fly screen door you require? Our experts can make recommendations.

Flyscreen Doors

PVC Strip Curtains

From our facility, we manufacture, supply and install the very highest standard PVC strip curtains. Our PVC Strip Curtains are robust, damage-resistant and perfect for warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants, etc.


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