Bird Netting

Our highly durable bird netting systems are ideal for all types of premises and provide an effective solution to bird infestation issues. This is a humane way to deal with unwanted birds in an efficient manner.

We offer a vast selection of bird netting and bird proofing systems that can solve all types of issues relating to birds. We specialise in bird netting and have installed netting almost nationwide for the past 20 years. Netting is available in the following sizes:

  • 50mm For Pigeons

  • 19mm For Smaller Birds

The netting can be coloured to blend in with the area it protects. All stainless steel fittings are used in the installation of our netting.

  • Netting

  • Post And Wire Systems

  • Prospike Systems

Birds can cause a number of problems such as nesting, bird droppings making walkways unsafe, invasion of roof space and diseases.

Our bird netting and spiking solutions are an effective method of bird-proofing your premises.
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Bird Spikes

We supply and fit a range of stainless steel bird spikes, with options to suit a wide range of requirements. Our bird spikes can be fitted to all types of structures; ledges, roofs, pipes, chimneys, etc. This is an effective and humane way to control bird problems, as the spikes act as a physical barrier to pigeons, seagulls and other birds without harming them.

The Advantages of Bird Netting

At Modern Flyscreens & Birdnetting Ltd., we can set up bird-netting to prevent birds from reaching certain areas, and encouraging them to nest elsewhere. We are able to put pigeon-netting in places that will keep birds off of your windowsills, rooftops, and away from any ventilation or roof top air conditioning systems. Bird-netting can last many years through a range of weather conditions while being completely safe for the environment. When you contact Modern Flyscreens & Birdnetting Ltd., we can install your pigeon-netting to be virtually invisible.

Advantages of Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are an effective bird roosting prevention solution. They can be installed at different heights on the building and are not noticeable at higher altitudes.

With the help of these bird spikes, you can make sure that the birds won’t be able to perch on your home. These bird spikes are available in different sizes and are designed to prevent different pest bird species, including seagulls and pigeons.

Modern Flyscreens & Birdnetting Ltd. supplies an extensive range of bird spikes made from various materials and designed to protect buildings from multiple bird species.

Our bird spikes are available to be purchased over the phone or by purchasing through our e-commerce website.

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Bird Netting FAQ