Seagull spikes ireland

For the best in professional seagull spike sales in Ireland place an order with us today. Our anti seagull spikes are specially designed to deter seagulls. Due to the size of most seagulls, normal bird spikes are too small to prevent a seagull from landing. Therefore buildings looking to prevent seagulls require our larger roof spikes for seagulls.
Our anti seagull spikes are increasingly easy to install. They are made from stainless steel meaning they are both rust-resistant and extremely robust and strong. What’s more, the lean design of the seagull deterrent spikes means when they are installed on high ledges they are nearly invisible. Sold by the metre, seagull spikes can be installed in just about any building, structure or monument.

For additional information on our gull spikes see our seagull spikes buy page.

Seagull Spikes FAQ