Pigeon Netting

Modern Flyscreens & Birdnetting Ltd. provides strong, robust and weather resistant pigeon netting to clients in Offaly and nationwide. The high-density fibre used in our bird netting means it lasts longer than some of the lower quality netting solutions.
Another advantage of the tough modern materials our nets are made from is their relative thinness. This thinness makes them blend more effectively into the surroundings, limiting the aesthetic effect the net has on the environment.
The gaps in our netting allow smaller birds to comfortably move through the net while preventing infestations of both pigeons and seagulls.

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Advantages of Pigeon Netting

  • Humane Unlike some other bird control products, pigeon netting is a humane and cruelty-free method of controlling pigeons and other pest birds.

  • Suitable for Different Bird Species Although often used as pigeon netting, our netting is suitable for controlling other birds including seagulls. Therefore our netting is useful in seaside areas.

  • Effective Our pigeon netting is extremely effective at stopping pigeon infestations. This stops droppings spoiling an outdoor area.

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Pigeon Netting FAQ