Bird Spikes

Modern Flyscreens & Birdnetting Ltd. sell and install a range of bird spikes in buildings, outdoor areas and open-air areas in Offaly and nationwide. From our offices, we sell a full range of bird spikes suitable for a range of different solutions.
Bird spikes are effective at preventing bird infestations. Bird spikes are not made to hurt or mane a bird instead they are placed in and around ledges, to discourage perching. When birds cannot perch they are less likely to congregate in large numbers.
If you have an outside or open-air area that is being spoiled by birds, bird spikes can be a fast, effective and low-cost solution.

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Advantages of Bird Spikes

  • Humane Bird spikes are a humane solution to bird infestations. They are not designed to hurt a bird rather they effectively discourage perching.

  • Effective Preventive Measure Along with acting as a bird perching solution, bird spikes are also preventive. They stop bird infestations from happening by reducing and eliminating perching locations.

  • Cost-Effective Bird spikes are also a relatively cost-effective solution to bird infestations. [company_name] offers a suite of cost-effective bird spike solutions.

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Bird Spikes FAQ