Selecting the correct bird spikes for your building

Unfortunately, anyone who has purchased a building or leased a building in a metropolitan area will have had encountered an issue with birds. Pest bird breeds like pigeons and seagulls can infest a roof spoiling the overall aesthetic of the building.

However, pest birds do much more than just undermine the look of the property. Bird droppings can significantly damage the building's paintwork. Bird droppings are also known to carry diseases that are extremely dangerous to human health. So if you own or lease a building, you likely spend a significant amount on cleaning up bird droppings.
However, instead of treating the consequence of a bird infestation, the pest bird infestation itself should be prevented. One of the fastest and most cost-effective methods of bird infestation prevention is the use of bird spikes.
Bird spikes are a humane and effective solution to bird infestations. Despite how they look, bird spikes aren’t designed to hurt birds instead they just discourage a bird from landing, roosting or perching on a ledge.


Variety of Bird Spikes

Bird spikes come in a variety of shapes and styles designed to fit different types of buildings. The two main bird spike materials are stainless steel and plastic. These different materials are suitable for different building types.

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

One of the major advantages of stainless steel spikes is how innocuous they are. In sunlight, stainless steel spikes almost completely disappear meaning they’re perfect for outside buildings. As they command so little attention from passers-by on the street, they are perfect for the front of buildings. They don’t draw attention away from advertisements or the aesthetics of the property. While not completely rust-proof, stainless steel is rust-resistant allowing for a long service life.

Plastic Bird Spikes

Notable for being both stronger and cheaper than stainless steel spikes, plastic spikes remain a popular bird preventive solution. Made from polycarbonate, plastic, these spikes are available in a variety of colours. Their durability makes them effective against heavier birds including hawks and large seagulls. As they are colourful, plastic bird spikes are suitable for schools or seaside businesses.



As a rule of thumb, buildings in cities facing the street should consider stainless steel bird spikes. However, schools, crèches or colourful buildings should look into plastic spikes. Plastic spikes should also be considered if an infestation of birds includes species bigger than pigeons. Consider this a guideline, as all buildings should be accessed on a case by case basis. The best way to know which bird spikes are right for your property is to speak to one of our team members. For a bird spike, consultation contact our Offaly offices today.


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