It’s that time of the year again, flyscreens at the ready!

There’s a stretch in the evenings, the temperature is warm meaning that flies and insects are thriving in the humid, arid conditions, making the average Irish household a nesting ground for fruit flies, drain flies, blue bottles, and houseflies.

If the populations of these flying insects are not sufficiently controlled, the population can explode, resulting in an infestation that can take days, weeks, or even months to get under control. Many Irish households do not have air conditioning, so when the weather is hot, the inclination is to open the window to let in some fresh air. But unbeknownst to the household occupant, they’re probably letting in more than they bargained for…


Fly Screens for Windows

A window fly screen, also known as an insect screen, is a protective covering made of fine mesh material that is installed over windows and doors. Its primary purpose is to prevent insects from entering your living space while allowing air to circulate freely. Fly screens for windows are designed to keep out a wide range of flying pests, including flies, midges, wasps, and other unwanted insects, and come in a variety of fittings, materials and sizes which means all Irish households can avail of their use.


Window fly screen types

Fixed Window Fly Screens

Fixed window fly screens are the most common and straightforward option. They are permanently installed on the window frame and provide a reliable barrier against flying insects. These screens are sturdy and durable, offering long-term protection.

Retractable Window Fly Screens

Retractable window fly screens are a versatile choice that allows you to retract or extend the screen as needed. They are typically installed on the interior side of the window and can be easily operated with a pull cord or handle. Retractable screens offer convenience and flexibility, as they can be hidden when not in use.

Magnetic Window Fly Screens

Magnetic window fly screens feature a magnetic strip that allows for easy installation and removal. These screens are particularly popular for windows that require frequent access or cleaning. The magnetic closure ensures a tight seal, keeping insects out while enabling hassle-free movement in and out of the window.

Sliding Window Fly Screens

Sliding window fly screens are specifically designed for sliding windows or doors. They consist of two frames that slide horizontally, with a fly screen fitted in between. These screens provide an excellent solution for larger openings and are easy to operate.

Hinged Window Fly Screens

Hinged window fly screens are attached to the window frame with hinges, allowing them to swing open or closed. They are a practical choice for windows that require regular cleaning or access to external spaces. Hinged screens provide convenience and versatility while effectively keeping insects out.


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