The Many Uses of PVC Stripe Curtains

If you’ve ever been in a factory, warehouse, manufacturing facility or laboratory you have likely encountered PVC Stripe curtains.

Stripe curtains have a multitude of uses and aren’t just confined to manufacturing plants. PVC strip curtains can also be found in airports, food processing faculties and even hotels. In today’s blog, we want to discuss how PVC stripe curtains are made and why they are installed in so many different industries and industrial properties.


What Are PVC Stripe Curtains Made From?

As the name suggests stripe curtains are made from PVC. PVC is the abbreviated term for polyvinyl chloride. PVC is the world’s third most-produced synthetic plastic polymer. This plastic is the perfect material for Stripe curtains as it’s relatively light and strong. Also, it can be easily cleaned and disinfected making it a suitable material for use in food production and healthcare settings.


What are PVC Stripe Curtains Used For?

To put it simply, PVC stripe curtains are used to separate areas in everything from manufacturing faculties to food processing facilities. While the curtain sequesters unique areas in a facility they still allow employees to freely move around the workplace, making them both a hygienic and practical solution.
Some of the advantages of PVC Stripe Curtains include:

  • Maintaining the ambient room temperature of an area
    - Helps to keep insects and other pests out of a facility
    - Reduces noise pollution, reduces dust moving between areas
    - Welding areas can be separated from the rest of a facility
    - Maintains hygiene in a kitchen or cleaning area
    - Maintain the competency of a clean room in a warehouse


What Type of Buildings use PVC Stripe Curtains?

PVC stripe curtains are used in a variety of faculties including:

- Car industry
- Airports
- Engineering Faculties
- Cold Storage Faculties
- Food Processing Plants
- Factories
- Kitchens
- Hotels
- Textile Industry
- Pharmaceuticals
- Welding bays


How do I order PVC Curtains?

Stripe curtains can be ordered directly from Modern Flyscreen Ltd. We manufacture, supply and install PVC Stripe curtains in properties all over Ireland.


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